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One of my favourite ages to photograph are my 'sitter session'. This is when your baby is around 6-8 months old, can sit up unaided, but are not yet on the go!


Photographers love this age to photograph as sitting babies make the ideal models since they cannot crawl. A few 'peek-a-boo’s,' squeaky toys and jumping around like a clown and we'll soon get those gummy cheeky smiles (sometimes revealing their first tooth!) Funny expressions and developing personalities.


This stage flies by; sometimes babies only sit for a couple of weeks before they find their feet or should I say hands and knees and they're off! It truly is a wonderful age to capture and remember.


If you missed out on the newborn photos then this is the perfect age to photograph your baby while they are still 'little' or the next great 'milestone' session within your baby's first year. 


The session takes place in my natural light studio in Telscombe Cliffs (10 mins from Brighton) or for my Essex clients at my parents house in Chelmsford. 

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