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Why do Newborn Photography session take place when your baby is under two weeks old?

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

I have so many Mums contact me when their baby is 4/5/6 weeks old wanting to book a newborn session and it breaks my heart to then tell them that their baby has passed the stage for a newborn shoot, sounds crazy, right! at just 4 weeks old your baby is too old!? So why under two weeks old I hear you ask.

Those first two weeks the majority of babies will sleep 16-18 hours a day, of course some babies have other ideas and pop out with their eyes open! but generally speaking after your baby has had a full tummy of milk they should go back to a lovely deep sleep dreaming about milk. I call this the 'milk coma'. This deep sleep allows newborn photographers to pose and photograph your baby safely. When they are in this sleep they are flexible, happy and content and often even smile. Your baby has just spent the last nine months all snuggled up in a warm cosy womb so they need to climatise to their new environment. In those first few weeks your baby is still teeny tiny and super curly and will still curl up in those womb like poses, it doesn't take long before your baby will start stretching out, opening their eyes and discovering their new world around them. It is still possible to capture some gorgeous images of your baby when they are over two weeks. However baby's over two weeks usually take longer to go into those deep newborn sleeps, don't sleep for as long and I may have to change the style of poses to suit the age of the baby.

I hope this helps shed some light about the 'magic two week window' and explains why it’s the best time for your baby's newborn shoot.


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