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For the past decade I have dedicated my life to photographing little people and loved every minute! My friends say its because it makes me feel tall! Being 4ft 11 and half (the half is important you know!). There might be a little truth in that. 


Over the years I have met the most wonderful families and have had the honour of watching their families grow. From big bumps to those first few weeks as a newborn to becoming toddlers and sometimes big brothers and sisters. Capturing memories for families to cherish for a lifetime is an absolute pleasure.


In 2017 I became a Mum myself.

Here I am with our daughter Betsy on her first birthday. 


2019 will be my tenth year as a specialist newborn/baby photographer. I can't believe how quickly time flies. I have always used natural light and started out by going to clients homes, turning up with my little Corsa full to the brim with props, blankets, buckets and baskets! then finding the best source of natural light in their home, moving furniture and setting up a mini studio. I did this for about 4 years. As my business grew I then set up a studio in my home allowing me to have more control over the natural light, being able to set up before families arrived and having all my props and backdrops at hand. This year I plan to finally build my dream studio in my garden. 

Newborn photography hasn't always been. Before I travelled for two years around South East Asia passionate about travel photography, then for three years worked for photography studios' in Primrose Hill and Oxford Street to becoming a wedding photographer. I also have a BA Honours in Textile Design for Interiors. I know random right!? but all playing a part in where I am today.


Of course, none of this would be possible without the continuing support from my amazing family. Andy my partner and Mum and Dad for always believing in me and encouraging me to be creative. My Mum, knitting me my hats and blankets and keeping on top of the book keeping and accounts. My proud Dad, literally stopping pregnant women in the street and handing out my business card! (much to my Mums embarrassment!) And not forgetting big Bro with all his business
‘know it allʼ and IT brains.


Every week brings new photoshoots and new people. I still get excited meeting newborns for the first time, it's such a special moment and equally love meeting up with my previous clients to see how much their babies have grown. I would like to say a huge thank you to all my clients for entrusting me to capture these precious memories for them, for all your recommendations and returning business.

So there goes, a little bit about little ole' me. If you'd like to know anymore, just ask!

Kate Priest.

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