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Why choose a professional Newborn Photographer

I’ve been wanting to write a little something on "why choose a professional newborn photographer" for some time now, so here goes!

I had already been a professional photographer for over 8 years before I decided I wanted to

become a newborn photographer. I already had good knowledge about lighting, my camera

and post production and thought ‘how hard can it be to photograph cute newborn babies’ -

how wrong could I have been.

It’s taken me years of practice, learning how to calm your baby, tricks on how to get your

baby into a deep sleep, how to pose your baby safely, and paying attention to the little

details as it is the little details that make all the difference.

There is so much more to newborn photography that meets the eye. Any photographer that

has tried newborn photography will know exactly what I mean. You may be tempted to take

up the offer of a friend who thinks they are an experienced photographer with a super duper

camera but have no knowledge of newborn shoots. Yes, they may be cheaper or even free

but once they realise how specialised and difficult this type of photography is there is no

second chance to book an experienced photographer as by then the newborn stage has


If you have your heart set on this style of newborn photography do your research and

choose a photographer whose images you absolutely LOVE, after all these images will be

on your walls for years to come, passed down through generations. You will not regret

paying that little extra to afford the photographer you really want.

Once you have found your photographer I advise you to book early, if possible don’t wait until

your baby is born as there is a good chance your chosen photographer will be fully booked.

If you call when your baby is already seven days old this means we only have seven days to

try and fit you in. I will always try and accommodate you but on occasions it may not be


Think about the photographer’s props, colours, backdrops etc and if their style is right for

you. I’ve seen a lot of newborn photographs out there where the baby’s hat is bigger than

the baby’s head! If this style is for you then great, but for me personally I want the babies I

photograph to be the main focus and not some oversized hat!

Of course cost is a big factor when choosing your newborn photographer, but like anything

in life you pay for what you get and newborn photography is no different, especially when

you are putting your trust and newborn into the hands of your photographer. You want to

feel confident when you hand you baby over and feel relaxed and at ease throughout your

baby’s shoot. The confidence of the photographer will shine through in the pictures as well.

You may also be swayed by a photographer offering all images on disc for the same price as

another photographer who only offers 10-20 images. Usually these images will be unedited

and in my opinion it is far better to receive 10-20 amazing professional retouched images

than to receive 100 unedited ok images.

I hope the above is some help to you. And just remember it is important to choose a

photographer who you feel comfortable and confident with and who creates the type of

images you want.

Your baby will only be a newborn once and like wedding photography can never be

captured again.


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